Cogniflex The Brain Enhancement

Cogniflex: The Brain Enhancer You Really Need

Brain enhancing supplements are all over the market these days, each guaranteeing the best effects for practically everything you need to do which requires brain power. But among over a hundred options, there is only one which really does the job as it said it would: Cogniflex.


What Does Cogniflex Do?

Some supplements out there go as far as promising increasing one’s IQ in their advertising. But scientists and doctors all over the world find this the most ridiculous thing. The genius pill, just like the fountain of youth, is a myth or – in today’s reality of fast and continuously advancing medical technology – has not been discovered yet.

Cogniflex is different in a way that it has been very truthful with what it can do and so honest with what it can’t. Here are those:

  • Increases concentration
  • Improves creative capabilities
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Enhances memory recall
  • Elevates productivity at work

When you think about it, those five are exactly what you need if you’re busy at work or in school. You really don’t need to be the brainiac that Einstein is for the usual responsibilities that you have every day. You just need that extra boost of energy and the intense focus.

How Does Cogniflex Actually Work?

Don’t be fooled by the other products which just says ‘take the pill’ and you will feel the effects soon after. If the manufacturers do not explain how exactly those work in conjunction with your brain physiology, it’s very likely that their brain enhancing supplement is a complete hoax.

Reviews about Cogniflex, on the other hand, has a very clear and concise explanation as to how their pill works:

For Memory and Learning

This nootropic (brain enhancer) generally makes Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, function better. It triggers the Cholinergic receptors and NMDA glutamate receptors which are so important in memory and the learning process.

This pill also influences the most basic function of the neurons as well as the vascular function of the brain so that you will be kept alert and motivated at all times.

For Quicker, Better Results

Cogniflex also wakes your brain up so that you will be able to think clearly, retain more information at a faster rate and process priority data as quickly as possible.

What does that bring about? Well, you will get to work longer hours without lagging or feeling tired, be smarter about your decisions and processes and, consequently, get the job done as precisely and quickly.

For the Energy You Need

You are effective only when your energy allows you to be. It’s not just your muscles feeling tired without it, your brain will have a hard time too.

So if you are currently working on your examination after reviewing the whole night and getting only a couple of hours’ sleep, you can be assured that you will still have the vigor and, more importantly, the concentration you need to complete the test and get good results.

What Makes Cogniflex Work So Well?

One of the ways to know if the nootropic you are using is really as good as it says it is, is by getting to know its ingredients. Believe it or not, some products offered today do not even list their ingredients in the back label of the container or bottle. Take note that this is a must so, if you do not see this, veer away from it.

Cogniflex, as honest as they are, has printed the list of their ingredients at the back label of their containers and published this on their website.


This is so beneficial to your brain because it helps create more neurotransmitters which you need for mental acuity and alertness.

Hodiola Rosea

As Tyrosine continues to create neurotransmitters, this ingredient aids in its proper functioning.


This balances out the effect of Tyrosine to avert over-excitement and allow you to have more focus on what you need to do.

Bacopa Monnieri

Aside from increasing the blood flow in your brain, it also increases the cognitive function.


This increases the production of ATP energy and improves the utilization of glucose in the brain.

Huperzine A

Acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter for learning and memory gets broken down very quickly. This ingredient inhibits the enzyme (Acetylcholinesterase) which is responsible for that.

All those ingredients mentioned above have been proven to work as evidenced by numerous studies and researches done in the past.

With all those noted above, there really is no reason for past and current nootropic users not to try Cogniflex. And for those thinking of using brain supplements soon, this product should truly be first on the list.

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